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Controversial kennel special permit request to go before zoning appeals board

Tuesday, Feb. 5 | By James Pinsky
According to Fauquier County officials, a home-based kennel in Broad Run has been operating illegally for more than three years.
Canis Maximus, a dog breeding kennel located at 6205 Beverleys Mill Road in Broad Run, has been operating without a proper permit and may be in violation of other Fauquier County ordinances, according to Fauquier County planner, Don Del Rosso.

Irina Barrett, owner of Canis Maximus, will attempt to comply with county zoning laws when her application for a special permit to operate a kennel goes before the Fauquier County Board of Zoning Appeals Thursday, Feb 7 in the Warren Green Building in downtown Warrenton.

Barrett's application will face stiff opposition after more than 50 emails flooded the in-box of county officials by Tuesday afternoon demanding Barrett not be granted her special permit.

Jennifer Appel wrote in an email to Del Rosso, "I urge you to please shut down this puppy mill and not issue its owner a permit to continue breeding."

Another email from Christine Gilbert, a mental health professional and self-admitted animal rescue advocate, said "As both a mental health professional and individual involved in breed rescue, I respectfully request that you deny this citizen the right to own 'up to ten dogs'."

Many of the emails flooded the inbox of Del Rosso after a damning report from Fauquier County Humane Investigator, Hilleary Bogley, went viral on the Internet.

The report, which totals more than six pages, cites numerous cases of alleged animal neglect and abuse including
Barrett admitting to two litters of puppies starving to death while under her care because the puppy's mother did not produce milk.

According to Fauquier County Sheriff spokesman Lt. James Hartman, Animal Control has been to the kennel six times in the last 12 months; three times in 2012 and three more times in 2013.

Barrett's case will be heard before the zoning appeals board at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7 at the Warren Green Building and is open to the public.
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Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?  Animal Control was there 6 times and she’s still in business?  A Humane Investigator calls it a puppy mill and wants it to continue?

Does anyone really care about our animals?

By MyScreenName on 2013 02 07

I am confused by what appears to have been an egregious lack of responsibility on the part of the County. There was no follow up when there was obviously an illegal operation?

Is this the same county that chose to harass Martha Boneta, a small farmer who was repeatedly fined for selling produce and crafts from her farm. Now I REALLY believe that there was real political pressure from well connected political donors.

By Larsele on 2013 02 07

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