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BZA postpones ruling on kennel

Thursday, Feb. 7 | By James Pinsky
Fauquier Couny government staff photo showing the propert of Irina Barrett at 6205 Beverleys Mill Road in Broad Run.
The Fauquier County Board of Zoning Appeals(BZA) voted 3-0 to keep the public hearing open and postpone a decision of the special permit application by Irina Barrett to operate a kennel at her residence located at 6205 Beverleys Mill Road in Broad Run.
The 3-0 vote was a legal quorum with BZA members Mary North Cooper and Michael T. Brown not in attendance.
BZA chairman John Meadows told the capacity crowd at the Warren-Green Building the BZA needed more time to properly review the more than 400 e-mails and other documentation provided to the board by county staff before properly ruling on Barrett's application.
According to Fauquier County planner Don Del Rosso, both Barrett's home and the kennel are within the 75-foot setback boundaries and in violation of county ordinance.
Irina Barrett addressed the board first.
"I'm the laughing stock of the whole world because of one report, and I don't want to lose my dogs," said Barrett.
The report Barrett is referring to was filed by Fauquier County Humane Investigator, Hilleary Bogley after a Jan 12 site visit after she received an anonymous call about problems at Barrett's address.
Bogley's six-page report outlined numerous concerns for the condition of the kennel and how Barrett cared for the animals.
"Mrs. Barrett cares about her animals and is just overwhelmed by the shear number of them," said Bogley.
"She voluntarily gave us twelve dogs to help the situation and many of them are already with foster parents or awaiting adoption."
During the public hearing numerous neighbors and concerned residents of Fauquier County spoke in opposition of Barrett's request for a special permit.
The first resident to speak on the record was Barrett's mail carrier, Laura Wojtecki.
"I travel Beverleys Mill Road every day, six days a week, for seven years and these are my observations: Mrs. Barrett's property sits on a dangerous curve on a hill on a busy road so having a lot of people coming in and out of her place would be very dangerous.The area she is proposing to build the new kennel which would be within code for the county's setback laws is currently wooded and there's only about three-quarters of an acre now for the animals. If she truly cares about her animals then why has it taken action by the county more than three years later for her to improve conditions for her dogs.
Former Fairfax County resident Tom Carter asked the BZA to consider Barrett's motives since she was found in violation of Fairfax County ordinance laws for kennels in 2008 and she's in violation of Fauquier County ordinances now.
"It's unbelievable that the board is considering allowing her to have a special permit to operate a kennel when she has already violated Fairfax County laws and now ours and still wants to have her kennel," he said.
The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 7th at 2:00 p.m. at the Warrenton Visitor Center, 33 North Calhoun Street, Warrenton, due to a scheduling conflict.
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So Humane Investigator Hilary Bogley supports a puppy mill?  Her own report calls it a puppy mill. 

Why hasn’t animal control shut her down?  They have been there numerous times.

Why is she still operating an illegal business???


By MyScreenName on 2013 02 07

1.  If the law has been broken twice in 2008 and now, why do you think if you give her this break she will not step over this line, she will.  When you keep giving these lines to cross without repercussions, well then she will keep crossing them.  That is a given.  Just look at past behaviors.

2. Why on earth would anyone think she cares about her animals and then stand up there and say she is the laughing stock of the whole world, yes….she if not yet, will be the talk of the whole breeding/rescue world,but there is nothing to laugh about.  Two litters of puppies she let starve to death???  and she is worried about being a laughing stock?  and that is just a small part of the findings…and anyone says she cares about the animals….please….this is clearly, if not before today, simply by her statement a matter of GREED. 

I as many people, implore, do not make our system even more congested by an irresponsible person covering up a multitude of lies and deceit with a website which is full of bologna.  Perhaps instead of spending the money on not only ONE website but multiple, you see she has multiple breeds she sells, she could have spent the money on FEEDING the puppies she brought into this world instead of watching them DIE!!  That is what someone who CARES WOULD HAVE DONE!!!

By Wendie1966 on 2013 02 07

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