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Burning off the baby weight

Monday, Dec. 23 | By Hannah Dellinger
HAYMARKET – Kyle Toth had never been over weight before in her life. She was an ultra fit athlete until gaining 55 pounds during her first pregnancy.

Toth saw fitness from a completely different perspective after having her baby. Working out was always easy and fun for her as a lifetime athlete, trainer and former Lingerie Football League star.
After having her baby she was challenged like never before to get back to her previous level of fitness. This challenge inspired Toth to create a fitness program designed for women with newborn babies.

Toth created Stroller Fit specifically for new mothers to be able to work out, while including their babies. Exercises like side planks, squats and glute bridges are a part of the work out routine. The babies are incorporated into many of the exercises, allowing the mother to work out without feeling guilty about leaving her baby at home or in daycare.
The program is designed for mothers and babies that are about 10 weeks up to a year in age.
The classes will be held at Next Level Fitness located at 6620 James Madison Hwy in Haymarket, in 10-week sessions starting Jan. 7. The program includes two classes a week for $299.

Stay DiRocco, the Next Level Fitness & Performance marketing director, said that this kind of workout program is the first of its kind in the area.

“The big challenge is for moms to find the time to work out, because they’ve just had a baby,” DiRocco said. “They feel guilty and they don’t want to leave the baby because they feel like they should be with their baby. When I had my child and I’d try to work out, the daycare people would have to come get me because she was crying and it would ruin my workout.”

Stroller Fit is designed to get moms back in shape, while allowing for bonding time with their babies. According to Toth, the workouts are also fun and enjoyable for the babies.

“The workouts are stimulating and good for the babies as well,” said Toth.

Toth said that the exercises target post-pregnancy problem areas, like the core and pelvic muscles. Toth uses total body workouts that kick start the body’s metabolism and will maximize results. The stroller fit will also provide nutritional coaching, healthy recipes, food journals and workouts that can be done at home.

“The workouts focus on strengthening the core again after birth,” said Toth. “There are a lot of pelvic floor exercises and some cardio as well. It’s all safe and appropriate for a woman who has recently had a baby.”

While she was pregnant, Toth became interested in learning what kinds of exercises were safe for her to do. She became certified in prenatal and postnatal exercise with the American Fitness Professionals and Associates. Toth is happy that with her new Stroller Fit program, she can share what worked for her with other moms. She hopes to one day create a safe pregnancy fitness program as well.

Patti Denner is a new mother and is planning on taking Stroller Fit in January. She read about the new program on Facebook, and was happy to find a workout plan that was designed for women just like her.

“I have never heard of another program like this, so I was super excited when I found out about Stroller Fit,” said Denner. “I am especially excited about the nutritional coaching. As a mom that is breastfeeding it is difficult sometimes to know what is the right food to eat. It will be nice to not only have Kyle as a trainer but also be in a class with all other women that can relate to my current situation.”

For more information visit: nltraining.com, call: 703-754-0161 or got to Next Level Fitness and Performance on Facebook

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