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BOS passes Barrel Oak Winery special exception 4-1

Friday, Feb. 15 | By James Pinsky
The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors voted to approve an amended version of a special-exception request by Barrel Oak Winery 4-1 Thursday.

"I was opposed to the winery ordinance in the first place," said Cedar Run Supervisor Lee Sherbeyn.

The special exception allows Barrel Oak Winery to have a total of 37 special events.

According to the amended resolution, no more than 24 special events with a maximum of 250 people will be allowed in a calender year with a limit of two per month.

Additionally, 12 additional special events per year will be allowed that permit a food cart to be on the property, on not more than 12 separate days per year.

"This is all about balance and compromise," said Center District Supervisor Chris Granger. "Barrel Oak Winery isn't getting everything they want, and the county isn't getting everything we want. There is no winner here."

Business hours for Barrel Oak Winery were also outlined in the special-exception request.

According to the amended resolution, the regular business hours for the Barrel Oak Winery will be from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. all other days.

Supporters of Brian Roeder showed up to support the Delaplane businessman, causing county officials to open additional viewing rooms for the public hearing for the special exception.

"I feel like George Bailey from 'It's a Wonder Life' because of all the support from friends and neighbors I have here tonight," Roeder said.

People in opposition of the special exception centered on the late arrival of the amended version of the resolution as a reason to delay a ruling on the granting of the special exception.

"This is a PR (public relations) campaign with cheerleaders, and it's blocked people who are against this resolution from speaking tonight," said Jim Moorman.

"We have a winery ordinance for a reason, and a lot of good people worked long and hard on it," he said. "We shouldn't cave in willy nilly to the first person who opposes it."

Board Chairman and Scott District Supervisor Holder Trumbo was the lone vote against Barrel Oak Winery's request.
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It’s George Bailey. George Wilson’s the grumpy neighbor from Dennis the Menace. smile

By Helloitsme on 2013 02 15

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